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SPEED-LINK UltraPortable Audio Card with TOSLINK compatible output "Pimp my stick" :-)
Adding a TOSLINK compatible output to the SPEED-LINK UltraPortable Audio Card you can buy from Amazon [English]
coming soon Maintaining a maintenance free motorcycle battery
coming soon Honda CBR charge controller repair
coming soon Memory upgrade for the Ti92


Link to Supermagnete.de Super-magnets:
Temporary lamp mount without drilling [German]
Link to Supermagnete.de Super-magnets:
Front plate milling with a Proxxon drill/grinder IBS/E and a MB 140/S drill stand (the magnet helps a lot) [German]
coming soon Super-magnets:
Steel-sponge anti-rust [German]
coming soon Super-magnets:
Magnetic key-holder [German]
More content will follow when I've some time to document all those nice things I've done.
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Last update: 04.10.2010